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    About Swamp Dog Alaska 


Here at Swamp Dog Alaska, we have the highest standards for your service, your experience and your Safety. From the guides, down to our dogs, you should expect nothing less than a professional, knowledgeable team dedicated to making sure you have an successful hunt while enjoying the great Alaskan outdoors!

maxwell stepp.png

The Man,The Myth, The legend 

I Grew up Hunting waterfowl in the Midwest. After a few years in the army i continued my passion for guiding here in Alaska. this is a great state for a diverse population of ducks, geese ,and cranes . If it quacks, honks ,screams i can call for it. I love messing with the decoys and teaching the ways to new hunters and learning from the experienced and seasoned. teller of tales ,Maker of dreams and a damn nice guy!

ryan ward.png

The Man With a Plan 

"I started out dove hunting in North Texas with my dad when I was 8 years old, and quickly fell in love with wing shooting. I've hunted all sorts of big game, all over the country, from moose and dall sheep, to white-tailed deer, but nothing gets my heart racing like hearing whistling wings minutes before shooting light. I love working dogs more than I like shooting birds, and after 12 years of waterfowl hunting, I'll always take a slow morning in the blind with a dog over sleeping in. The '23-'24 season will be my 3rd year guiding hunters for waterfowl, and I don't see myself quiting the game anytime soon."

john 2.png

All Business' Baby!

Im a third-generation waterfowl hunter who spent my childhood in the swamp and fields chasing birds or shooting ducks around western Pennsylvania. Since I could I remember, I have had a passion for the outdoors, hunting and working with dogs. Hunting still to this day is my biggest joy and passion in life and I will never take that for granite!  After decades of experiences and a lifetime of memories, Helping guide is the next chapter in hunting for me. Nothing is better than bird dogs ,hunting buddies and good stories to go with them.


The Dogs

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