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   Swamp Dog Alaska and Skookum Expeditions are teaming

up to bring you a truly once in a lifetime Alaskan Hunt.


 Arctic bird dog tours and ptarmigan hunting:

$2500.00 per person- Group size 2 min 4 max

This hunt is currently not available please check back later


Skookum Exp is a local dog mushing company located just outside Fairbanks ,Ak nestled in the dog mushing community of Two Rivers . Owned by Lauro and Neil Eurkland. Neil who started Skookum Expeditions and came to Alaska in 1975 searching for adventure, and never left. From floats on the Yukon, dog mushing and surviving the Alaskan bush, Neil has passed his knowledge to Lauro. Fallowing in his foot steps Lauro now has created his own legacy from Competive dog mushing including the Iditarod, thriving in the Alaskan bush ,to helping guide. Skookum Exp is a one of kind service. Now after a life time of experiences they are now offering guided tours to not only to dog mushing enthusiasts but the upland bird hunting community as well. 

Trips start just north of Cold foot(transportation to Coldfoot is not included) Trips leave mid morning on Fridays and returns Monday afternoon. From there you will take a dog sled ride for roughly 12 miles, driving the sled your self using some of skookum most experienced dogs you will end up at base camp which is located on the other side of the pipe line corridor and in the legal zone for shooting guns. Did We mention you can bring your Bird dog as well. Located on every sled is their very own chariot waiting to shofar them around the back country. 


Camp you will find warm arctic ovens with cots, a meal hut and views that will last a life time. From camp fires , the northern lights and the sounds of howling dogs at the moon this is a camp experience you can not find any where else but here in Alaska. Not only will you find a very cozy camp but the food is just as amazing. Nothing beats a hot meals after a long day of hunting or a warm breakfast just after waking up to a steaming  cup of hot coffee to keep ya going all day. 

Hunting starts from the time you reach camp to the time you leave. From camp clients and dogs can venture off on foot to near by valleys and low brushy draws looking for flocks on ptarmigan. After breakfast is served the guides will hook up dogs and head out on daily adventures looking for flocks of ptarmigan. Some of the hunts include snow shoes but are provided .much of it is easy walking on wind blown rocks and frozen tundra with only ankle deep snow. 


Gear. Warm weather gear - Bunny boots or pack boots, gloves, hats, lots of socks ,long underwear, ( its helps to bring more than one pair of gloves and an extra hat). face mask and neck scarfs. nights are cold days are warm so it helps to be prepared for both. 

* inReach if you have one

* Shotgun

* shells

* hunting license

* Day pack 

* personal snacks

* Sleeping bag and pad and pillow



                                        * We do not guarantee successful hunts only a good time! 

  Call today or book your trip online now!


Full Service Lodging

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World Class Dog Mushing 

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Arctic Ptarmigan Hunting 

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